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Apex Legends' season Legacy launch was plagued with server issues

Rock, Paper, Shotgun - Wed, 05/05/2021 - 14:04

If, like me, you were one of the many excited players eager to jump into Apex Legends last night to try out all the lovely new things added in the battle royale's ninth season, you likely had a rough time logging in. A menu screen telling me there were no servers, the queue for Arenas mode being infinitely long, and losing access to all but the base characters were but a few of the problems I ran into myself. While these things seem to have been fixed now, it's fair to say the Legacy update had a rough go of it.

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Pokémon Go raids – May raid schedule

Pocket Tactics - Wed, 05/05/2021 - 13:54
Pokémon Go raids – May raid schedule

If you want to catch the best Pokémon, you're going to have to participate in Pokémon Go raids. These are difficult events that pit you against a variety of your favourite monsters alongside your friends, providing you with a bunch of rewards if you succeed. You'll also get a chance to catch the monster you fought, which makes it a great method of tracking down more elusive monsters.

Raids take place at gyms, and require you to have a raid pass, which you can get once per day by visiting a gym, to participate. There are different tiers of Pokémon Go raids, with the highest giving you with a chance to receive a legendary Pokémon.

If you find raids intimidating, or simply want a bit more information before you start digging into them, we've put together this guide for you. We'll break down everything you need to know about gyms, including the different types, how you can participate, and what you can expect as rewards, in the guide below. By the time you've finished reading it, you'll be a raid master. You can also find out more information about your favourite mobile game by checking out our Pokémon Go news, Pokémon Go event, and Pokémon Go update guides.

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Resident Evil Village's Lady Dimitrescu is 100% scarier as Thomas the Tank Engine

Rock, Paper, Shotgun - Wed, 05/05/2021 - 13:31

If the Resident Evil Village demo wasn’t scary enough, just you wait. I have something that’ll give you the absolute heebies. Mods have already snuck out for Capcom’s horror game, extending the demo’s time limit, but I wasn’t ready for what was to follow. Prepare yourself for the nightmare fuel that is this Lady Dimitrescu/Thomas the Tank Engine mashup.

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Bug-shaped mechs and tiny inventors await in Stonefly, out this June

Rock, Paper, Shotgun - Wed, 05/05/2021 - 13:15

Games where you get to play as tiny people and creatures have always delighted me, and now there's a game that throws mechs into that mix - a match made in heaven. Stonefly is an upcoming game made by the developers of Creature In The Well, where you play as a tiny inventor who flies around in bug mechs. It has a gorgeous art style and a colourful world, and it comes out on June 1st.

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Genshin Impact Where Shadows Writhe – how to complete the domain

Pocket Tactics - Wed, 05/05/2021 - 11:04
Genshin Impact Where Shadows Writhe – how to complete the domain

A brand new domain with a fresh set of challenges arrived with Genshin Impact update 1.5. To receive the rewards this domain has to offer, you must complete three sections with increasingly difficult enemies. However, it’s definitely worth it to get your hands on some extra primogems, mora, and fractured fruit data.

If you want to know more about the challenge, our Genshin Impact Where Shadows Writhe domain guide will tell you where to go in order to start the event, outlining each and every one of the enemies you need to defeat in order to reap the sweet rewards the game has to offer.

For those of you who love all things Mihoyo, we recommend checking out our Genshin Impact codes list and Genshin Impact tier list. To find out more about everything included in Genshin Impact update 1.5, take a look at our Genshin Impact Serenitea Pot and Genshin Impact wood guides.

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X3: Farnham’s Legacy, a surprise free game in the X series, is out now

Rock, Paper, Shotgun - Wed, 05/05/2021 - 10:48

Egosoft have just released X3: Farnham’s Legacy, a free game in their incredibly long-running space sandbox series (the first was released way back in 2005). The game was crafted by the Egosoft community, and is free to owners of X3: Albion Prelude. Hey, I own X3: AP! Yay for me! And hopefully yay for you, too.

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Win a code for Geneforge – Mutagen 1 HD on iOS!

Pocket Tactics - Wed, 05/05/2021 - 10:41
Win a code for Geneforge – Mutagen 1 HD on iOS!

Geneforge - Mutagen 1 HD is a remaster of the 2001 classic Geneforge. This open-ended fantasy adventure game allows you to become a wizard with the power to create new life. Summon a powerful army, a ferocious beast, or a helpful tool and use them to do your bidding.

With more than eighty zones for you to explore and over 50 hours of gameplay, you will want to play again and again. In each new game, you can use different skills, abilities, and pets in order to view the numerous varied endings the game has to offer.

That’s why this week we partnered up with Spiderweb Software to give away five iOS codes for Geneforge - Mutagen 1 HD! So, if you’re looking for a fantasy adventure game that gives you more freedom than you can imagine, make sure you enter our giveaway down below.

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Walmart's unannounced cloud gaming service leaked in Epic vs Apple trial

Rock, Paper, Shotgun - Wed, 05/05/2021 - 10:40

The Epic Games vs Apple antitrust trial started on Monday, and a bunch of internal documents that the companies probably didn't want to be leaked online have been made public. It's not just Epic and Apple's private info being revealed, however. Confidential emails found amongst the court documents detail Walmart's plans for their cloud gaming service, Project Storm, which they pitched to Epic back in 2019.

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Era of Althea codes – free spins and more

Pocket Tactics - Wed, 05/05/2021 - 10:31
Era of Althea codes – free spins and more

If you're the sort of Roblox player who craves adventure, Era of Althea is the perfect game for you. It's relatively new, and it fires you into an explorable world that challenges you to become an expert fighter. You'll battle through dungeons, cast magic spells, and partner up with friends to take on challenging dungeons. You can even form a guild if you're socially inclined.

Overall, this is not the easiest adventure you'll encounter, so you'll need all of the help you can get. Fortunately for you, Pocket Tactics has your back, so we've rounded up a bunch of Era of Althea codes that provide you with a plethora of goodies, including free spins. We'll also keep this guide updated with any new codes that come in, so make sure to check back often.

If you're a fan, we've rounded up the best Roblox games to help you find something new to play. We also have a bunch of similar guides to this one, including Combat Rift codes, Ultimate Tower Defense Simulator codes, and Treasure Quest codes.

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Have You Played... Welcome To Elk?

Rock, Paper, Shotgun - Wed, 05/05/2021 - 07:30

At first glance, Welcome To Elk looks like the bright and breezy cousin of Die Gut Fabrik's alien soap opera Mutazione. Both feature young women travelling to a new island community for the first time, and while Elk swaps Mutazione's balmy tropical forests for the frozen hunts of a small Arctic fishing village, each game plays out in a very similar fashion.

You spend a lot of time getting to know the locals, and every now and again you'll play a small, reasonably inconsequential mini-game to advance the story. But beneath Welcome To Elk's cheery cartoon exterior lies a tale of surprising depth and human tragedy, as the tales you hear and the people you meet aren't just made-up creations of developer Triple Topping. They're all people and events that are based in fact and have happened in real-life, and the resulting story is as affecting as it is disarming.

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A sequel to cinematic platformer classic Flashback is in the works

Rock, Paper, Shotgun - Tue, 05/04/2021 - 22:23

Flashback 2, the sequel to 1992 rotoscoped platformer Flashback, has been announced and has original creator Paul Cuisset at the helm. In a press release, Cuisset notes that, "Developing a sequel to Flashback is an idea I’ve had for a very long time."

There is, oddly, no mention in the press release of the last time he developed a sequel to Flashback, 1995's Fade To Black.

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Fortnite made over $9 billion in its first two years

Rock, Paper, Shotgun - Tue, 05/04/2021 - 21:29

The trial between Epic and Apple over app store practices is underway and previously private details of the Fortnite developer's business are spilling. We're not a business site and ordinarily I wouldn't care, but ooh, it's good goss isn't it. For example, we now know that Fortnite made over $9 billion in its first two years of release.

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The Witcher 3 director has left CD Projekt Red amid workplace bullying allegations

Rock, Paper, Shotgun - Tue, 05/04/2021 - 20:42

The Witcher 3 director Konrad Tomaszkiewicz has resigned from CD Projekt Red after an internal investigation into alleged workplace bullying, Bloomberg reports. Tomaszkiewicz, who was secondary game director and head of production on Cyberpunk 2077, denies the allegations, but apologised "for all the bad blood I have caused" in an email to CD Projekt staff.

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CS:GO now has a subscription service offering better player stats

Rock, Paper, Shotgun - Tue, 05/04/2021 - 20:14

When I used to compete in Counter-Strike 1.6 tournaments, I would do so with a print-out of the map we were playing taped to the wall by my monitor. Today's Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players go several steps further in the pursuit of being better at clicking on heads than the other team.

To aid them, Valve have launched a new subscription service called CS:GO 360 Stats. For $1 a month, players get access to match stats from their Competitive, Premier and Wingman game mode matches.

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Total War: Rome Remastered Review -- Et Tu, Total War?

Gamespot Reviews - Tue, 05/04/2021 - 17:56

The enemy outnumbers us two-to-one and reinforcements are still days away. The raucous Gaul army is at our gates, baying for blood; each enemy soldier is coated in white and blue war paint and a select few operate battering rams that'll plough through our modest wooden defenses in a matter of minutes. The scent of death is in the air and we've got no choice but to stand our ground and fight. "One of you is worth any number of them," bellows our general, shattering the tense silence with an impassioned war cry. "We face adversity, a band of brothers, dedicated to the warrior's code of strength and victory," he continues, rallying the troops. "But we will never know defeat while we stand together! This day we add another triumph to the history of our people! We will be honored as men!"

Whether you go on to achieve victory or succumb to overwhelming odds, moments like this are part of what made Rome: Total War such a beloved strategy game when it launched in 2004--and why its popularity still persists today. It put Total War on the map and laid the groundwork for what has since become a blockbuster series in the strategy genre. With Total War: Rome Remastered, developer Feral Interactive has updated Creative Assembly's seminal title by overhauling the visuals and adding a number of quality of life improvements that make it slightly more appealing for modern sensibilities. Under the hood, however, this is still very much the same game as it was back in 2004, for better or worse.

Total War: Rome Remastered hasn't messed with this engaging setup, although you can now play as the other 15 factions without having to unlock them first--unless you'd prefer to do it the old-fashioned way by defeating each faction during the campaign as one of the Romans. When it comes to upgrades, the most obvious ones are visual, with improved lighting and more detailed terrain making both the battlefields and world map pop with added vibrancy. Environments are still overly sparse, which does make battles fairly lackluster to watch unless elephants are hurling soldiers 30 feet in the air, and the updated units aren't nearly as impressive either, falling some way short of the graphical fidelity we're used to seeing in modern Total War games. As a trade-off, however, Total War: Rome Remastered does feature an experimental "Extreme" setting for unit sizes, allowing you to partake in chaotic battles with an overwhelming number of forces, provided your hardware can handle it. Though loading times are still lengthy no matter which unit size you choose--even if you're running the game off an SSD--which can make the campaign fairly laborious at times.

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Apex Legends' excellent new 3v3 Arenas mode has arrived

Rock, Paper, Shotgun - Tue, 05/04/2021 - 17:15

Today, Respawn adds some of the most exciting stuff to Apex Legends that I think they've added yet. Call me over-excited if you will, but I've tried the new 3v3 Arenas game mode and it's well good. I've also had a go at the new walking Titanfall reference, Valkyrie, and she has a delightfully satisfying jetpack. A jetpack! All the best games have jetpacks. Both of these excellent additions arrived today in Apex's ninth season, Legacy, alongside a new weapon, new maps, and a whole lot of balance changes.

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Simure Vikings is an RPG where you play as a power-hungry jarl

Pocket Tactics - Tue, 05/04/2021 - 17:04
Simure Vikings is an RPG where you play as a power-hungry jarl

If you've ever fancied living the life of a Viking – fit with all of the violence, in-fighting, and general drama that comes with the territory – then you might just get a kick out of the recently released Simure Vikings.

Publisher Gtarcade, who you may know from Legacy of Discord and Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming, is behind this one. It promotes itself as a proper Viking life sim with a focus on grisly survival, expansion, family squabbles, and the odd bit of sailing the seas in a trusty longship.

As a Viking jarl, you'll also have to tend to slightly more mundane errands, like levying taxes and cultivating your ale production line. As you progress, you’ll meet and recruit new heroes to your cause in order to take on progressively tougher challenges. It's all in aid of making you the fiercest Viking lord to have ever sailed the seas. But before you can grab your horn, style your beard, and head off on a Viking adventure, you'll first have to check that Simure Vikings is available in your region.

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The Weekspot podcast #036: Stir of Echoes

Rock, Paper, Shotgun - Tue, 05/04/2021 - 17:00

I don't need to remind you how good Outer Wilds was. Two years ago, everyone was raving about the 22-minute time loop. The most incredible video games website in the world even declared it the bestest best game of the year.

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Pokémon Snap new Pokémon – how many are there?

Pocket Tactics - Tue, 05/04/2021 - 16:41
Pokémon Snap new Pokémon – how many are there?

The original Pokémon Snap first launched all the way back in 1999 and featured a grand total of 63 monsters for you to take some sweet shots of. Fast forward to 2021, and New Pokémon Snap is finally here. This brand new on-rails photography game features over 200 different ‘mons for you to toss fluffruit or illumina orbs at in order to get the perfect picture and fill up your photodex.

With help from our Pokémon Snap new Pokémon list, you will soon know exactly where to look for each of your favourite ‘mons. It will also help you work out just how many Pokémon in Pokémon Snap you need to catch before your photodex is 100% complete.

If you’re on the fence about picking up the fresh title, we recommend checking out our New Pokémon Snap review. For more content like this, we also have a Pokémon Go raid guide, Pokémon Go promo code list, and Pokémon Masters tier list.

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Epic Games spent nearly $12 million giving away free games in their first nine months

Rock, Paper, Shotgun - Tue, 05/04/2021 - 15:37

The trial between Epic Games and Apple kicked off yesterday, almost seven months after Epic first filed an antitrust lawsuit against their fruity foes. In the lead up to the court case, we've seen plenty of info come out about how the two companies operate. But now, it seems some financial documents have been made public that Epic most likely did not want to be made public. They reveal that the company paid game developers almost $12 million (around £8.6 million) to be able to release their games for free on the Epic Games Store in the first nine months of its life.

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