To Sail a Darkling Sea - more action in Black Tide, book 2

Posted by Sevhina on Sat, 07/09/2022 - 05:59
To Sail a Darkling Sea Book Cover

The Smith family, and the few stalwarts of the Wolf Squadron, continue their campaign to reclaim the Atlantic Ocean from the zombified humans one ship at a time. So far they have pulled a few hundred people from small ships and lifeboats. Then the difficulty of rescuing those trapped on a superliner cruise ship compels what remains of the USA's government to take action. They authorize a submarine to provide necessary equipment and in the process reveal that they have been shadowing the ragtag fleet for a few weeks. The survival of a few submarines is good news, but they have an ulterior motive. Without a vaccine the thousands of crew members on those subs will die. 

The Final Day - the thrilling conclusion(?) to the After series

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The Final Day Book Cover

In the small town of Black Mountain, North Carolina they are finally starting to piece things back together after the EMP strike of two years ago. John Masterson has led the town in defeating multiple enemies, and now they even have a little bit of electrical power available, though it must be rationed carefully. John's wife has a child on the way and there is an underlying hope to everything going on. Even though the United States will never be the same, it might now be possible to carve out a reasonable existence. That all changes when a stranger arrives on the fringe of the community looking for John. This person used to be the aide of one of John's former military commanders, General Bob Scales, but unfortunately he dies before John can chat with him. He did, however, deliver a possible warning before he passed, that another EMP attack could be on the way, and this one delivered by what is supposedly our own government.

Under a Graveyard Sky - the start of the Black Tide Rising series

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Under a Graveyard Sky Book Cover

The Smith family prepared for every eventuality including a zombie apocalypse, although that was mostly for entertainment purposes. So when Steve Smith, husband, father of two teenaged girls, and high school history teacher receives an Alas, Babylon code from his brother indicating an actual zombie apocalypse he calmly informs the school of a family emergency and walks out. Someone has engineered a virus that causes people to strip naked just before they lose all higher brain function and are reduced to basic animalistic urges. While most of the world is trying to contain the growing population of naked maniacs the Smiths load up a sail boat and work with a team making an ethically questionable vaccine. After a couple of months at sea they're running low on supplies so they board a slightly larger ship and eliminate the remaining "zombie". They also find a terrified teenager barricaded in her cabin which sparks something in the Smiths. They have guns and the guts to clear the Atlantic of zombies one ship at a time and save as many people as they can.

Split the Party - more NPC adventures

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Split the Party Book Cover

After the events of the first book, the NPCs turned adventurers find themselves on the run. They choose to visit the small town of Briarwillow, hoping to avoid trouble, but of course it wouldn't be much of a story if things worked out that way. The inhabitants of Briarwillow were infected by an illness that seems to have been magically cured, however, something isn't quite right. They decide to leave to go get help when all of the sudden the Paladin in the party can't move. He quickly realizes that his god won't allow him to leave these people in need so he is going to have to stay to try to solve this mystery. However, getting professional help is still the better idea, so it's time to split the party...

The War Within - book two of The Great God's War

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The War Within Book Cover

Twenty years of peace have lasted for Belleger and Amakin after both countries were manipulated into an uneasy alliance by the magisters of the Last Repository. King Bifalt of Belleger and Queen Estie of Amakin both navigate their uncomfortable marriage in very different ways and they do what they can to prepare for the coming war. An ancient enemy, far more powerful than either of their kingdoms, is coming for The Last Repository and it must pass through their realms to get there. King Bifalt focuses his energy on the coming external threat but Queen Estie finds she must divert her attention to issues within Amakin that put their alliance at risk. Her father may have abdicated the throne to her, but now it seems he is up to something and if she doesn't stop him, both kingdoms will be lost. Unfortunately, her father is still a powerful sorcerer who wields the decimate of lightning and she has no magic of her own with which to counter him. Yet, she must find a way.

The Seven Swords - fantasy novellas with an RPG feel

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A Pilgrimage of Swords Book Cover

If you're in the mood for a grimdark fantasy but would prefer something quick and easy to read, this is the series for you. The Seven Swords is a stands out for its unique settings, elaborate world building, and short format that is reminiscent of Moorcock's books of the late 1970's. This is a harsh unkind world with plenty of gods, magic, and, obviously, swords. Everybody has secrets but none are worse than Guyime's bloody past and the sword that made it possible. He believes his soul is beyond redemption so he's willing to die for a chance to destroy his sword. But the fabled Seven Swords are indestructible by mortal means so he sets off on epic pilgrimage. There is plenty of action, betrayal, and death along the way.

Seventh Decimate - a slow start to a new Donaldson series

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The Seventh Decimate Book Cover

There are six known decimates that are wielded by Sorcerers in both Belleger and Amakin, two countries who have been warring with each other for generations. The battles between them have become so bloody that the engagements are known as "hells". Sorcerers on both sides use the decimates (Fire, Wind, Pestilence, Earthquake, Drought, and Lightning) in these hells but Amakin has the advantage. They have more sorcerers and they are superior, but Belleger survives by using rifles to out-range them. Belleger, however, can never gain the upper hand because creating such weapons is slow and time consuming. Then in a blink of an eye all sorcerers in Belleger lose their ability to wield magic. The king is desperate as he knows Belleger lacks enough rifles to fend off an Amakin attack, so he opts for a cliché Hail Mary. He sends his son, Prince Bifalt, out on a quest to find a mythical book in an unknown location in order to save his people. Because, why not?

Legends & Lattes - a book of high fantasy....and low stakes

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Legends & Lattes Book Cover

Viv is an orc babrarian, and after many years of adventuring she is ready to hang up her broadsword to pursue her dream of opening a coffee shop. Ever since she first smelled the gnomish drink she has been making plans and when her final job has her slaying a scavern queen she knows the time has come. According to an obscure legend the heart of a scavern queen will guarantee the success of its owner. Things seem to be going well until one of her old adventuring group comes seeking the heart and stirs up the local crime lord against Viv. Being a shop keeper is certainly more complicated and dangerous than Viv expected, but with help from her friends Legends and Lattes might be a great success. 

The Dark - the three days of darkness have arrived

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The Dark Book Cover

"There shall come over the whole Earth, an intense darkness lasting three days and three nights. He who opens his window or door out of curiosity, or leaves his home, will fall dead on the spot. The air will be infected by demons, appearing in all sorts of hideous forms. All of Hell will be let loose."

Miah Gray is an Army veteran living with PTSD in New Hampshire, and all he wants to do is get high and not be hassled by his Mom or her boyfriend. A good sandwich wouldn't hurt either.  Miah is not religious, and he has little interest in prophecies, but when the sun no longer shines in the daytime sky and his world is plunged into darkness, Miah finds himself willing to rethink his position.  Locked down with his family, Miah is going with the flow and doing what he can to protect everyone when a flash of light knocks everyone out. They all awaken to find that Miah now has a death rune etched into his forehead. Isn't that just great?

Sylvanas - the WoW legend tells her story

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Sylvanas Book Cover

Even many of those who haven't played World of Warcraft are familiar with the name Sylvanas. Sylvanas Windrunner, The Banshee Queen, and leader of the undead Forsaken of the Horde. In this authorized book Sylvanas hopes that her life story will persuade the human king Anduin to join her and the mysterious Jailor in ending the circle of life and death. Her prominent role in WoW's ongoing storyline has often seemed quixotic if not outright insane but in her own words she reveals her reasons for acting as she did. Christie Golden strings together the bits and pieces of WoW lore with added details to give players the full story behind this legend. Sylvanas is just as mercurial, driven, and insane as you always thought, if not more so. Anduin is a surprisingly good listener but maintains that everything she tells him could as easily argue that she shouldn't help the Jailor. Love and logic are pitted against rage and grief as two old enemies fight a mental battle for the fate of Azeroth.